Plastic Tips - Available in Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Green.

Price Can 20.00 plus Taxes.

Zandstra Neoprene Bootcover, Small - Boot sizes 36-39 ,Medium - Boot sizes 40-45.

Price Can $39.99/pair plus taxes.

Neoprene Skate Covers, allows you to put them on when you have your skates on. Available in 2 sizes - Small - 31-37 and Large - 38-46.

Price Can $39.99/pair plus taxes.

Kevlar Blade End Protectors, helps protect the Blades when inside your Skate Socks, also stop the Skate Socks from getting cut. Will not dull the Blades.

Price Can $8.00/set of 4 plus taxes.

"Black Knight Stiletto Glasses" - Small Colours - Black/Silver and Blue/Silver.

Price Can $40.00 plus taxes.

"Black Knight Turbo Glasses" - Small Colours - Silver/Red, Navy, White/Red/Maple Leaf and Red/Yellow.

Price Can $33.00 plus taxes.


"Training Cables" Use these to do your Imitations and Strength Work, used by all the top Canadian skaters.

Price Can $20.00 plus taxes.

Cado Motus Airflow Backpack. Colors - Fuchsia, Black, Cyan, Orange, Pink and Red.

Price $140.00 plus taxes.

"Maple" Backpack - to carry all your skating equipment. 

Price Can $100.00 plus taxes.

"Bont" Backpack - to carry all your skating equipment.

Price Can $90.00 plus taxes.

3 piece Skate Guards - Cut to suit this popular skate guard, fits any size blade, available in a dozen different colors.

Price Can $22.00 plus taxes.

Skate Socks - One size fits all blade lengths, protect your blades while traveling. Various colors.

Price Can $20.00 plus taxes.

EllisEdge Techni-Cords.gif (799 bytes)

Ellis Edge Techni-Cords.

Price Can $159.99 plus taxes. Single Strap.

Price Can $189.99 plus taxes. Double Strap.

Skate Guard Keyring. Various colors.

Price Can $3.00 plus taxes.

Waxed Yellow Laces. Keep your skates tight with these none slip laces, a must for every serious skater.

Price Can $5.00 plus taxes.

Price Can $240.00 set of 20 plus taxes.

Replacement kit including 2 straps, 2 ratchets, 2 screws an t-nut and 2 plastic guide for strap.

Price Can $34.99 plus taxes.

All prices subject to change without notice.

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