Inline Equipment

Flyke Turbo Inlines complete with Atom Wheels and ABEC 7 Bearings. These frames will fit onto your Short Track Boots, 165mm spacing. No need for another pair of boots.

165/195mm Mount - 3 x 110, 1 x 100.

165/195mm Mount - 4 x 105mm.

Price Can $420.00 plus taxes (sorry, there's been a price increase from my supplier)

Bont "A" Frames with 90mm Wheels, ideal for the younger skaters and will fit directly onto your Short Track Boots. Great for Summer Cross Training.

Price Can $225.00 plus taxes


Coming Soon - FLYKE Turbo delivers speed and power like you have never seen. The quality of the frames is unmatched. Thousands of pair have been sold without a single return for cracking or breaking. Constructed from the highest grade high-strength 7000 series aluminum available.

Available in two models:

165/195mm Mount - 3 x 110 and 1 x 100

165/195mm Mount - 4 x 105

Price Can $299.00 plus taxes

Coming Soon - Atom One Wheel - 100mm 84a for general road use.

Price Can $14.50 ea. plus taxes

Coming Soon - Bont Jesa Swiss Bearings.

Price Can $64.99 ea. plus taxes

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All prices subject to change without notice.

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