Maintenance Equipment

Short Track - 8 & 9 meter & Compound, Long Track - 20, 22 & 24 meter.

Rocker & Sharpen - Can $25.00 plus taxes.

Rocker, Sharpen & Bend check - Can $50.00 plus taxes.

Clubs contact us for a bulk quote for your club skates, remember you should have your Rocker checked at least once a year.

Masterlap Polishing Stone.

Price Can $89.99 plus taxes.

Xact Blade Tip Gauge. For checking the roundness of the blade ends.

Price Can $9.99 plus taxes.

Bont Deluxe Precision Jig.

Price 329.00 plus taxes.

CBC Sharpening Jig.

price Can $399.99 plus taxes.

Evo Jig. Price Can $229.00 plus taxes.

images/black-hawk jig.gif (8270 bytes)

Pennington Blackhawk Sharpening Jig - Light to carry, quick to assemble and easy to use. Versatile and strong, this jig converts easily to accommodate various blade sizes. High density structural alloy extrusion. Featuring alloy ends that attach to square steel center tube, eliminates twists even on uneven surfaces. Its net weight is 1.8kg. This Jig features adjustable stops in the arms that allow you the option of two or four point contact with the skate blade. This Jig also offers adjustable rear end stops that maintain exact sharpening position every time. The alloy ends now come Blue Anodized. In my opinion this is the best Jig on the market for a skater that only sharpens his or her skates due to the use of the side set screws.

Price Can $240.00plus taxes.

Foss Diamond Stone. Comes with 400 and 1200 grit. Plates can be replaced. Just use water, no maintenance.

Price Can $120.00 plus taxes.

Re-placement Plates 50.00 each plus taxes.

Foss Diamond Burr Stone. Comes with 400 and 1200 grit.

Price Can $25.00 plus taxes.


Foss Sharpening Stone - Silicone Carbide - 2.5cm x 7.5cm x 25cm. This is the ultimate sharpening stone, no oil or water, use dry. No mess. If you look after this stone it will last for years. Can be easily cleaned/re-surfaced using the Silicone Carbide Grit to be kept in perfect shape.

Price Can $60.00 plus taxes.

Polishing Triangle - For adding that extra shine to your blades, an absolute must for the serious skater.

Price Can $22.00 plus taxes.

Replacement Papers - For the Polishing Triangle, replace at least once a season.

Price Can $12.00 plus taxes.

1" x 1 1/2" Burr Stone.

Price Can $15.00 plus taxes.

images/SiliconeCarbideGrit-2.jpg (82477 bytes)

Silicone Carbide Grit. Use for cleaning and resurfacing Foss/Viking Dry Sharpening Stones. 

Price Can $17.00 plus taxes.

DMT Diamond Burr Stone. 

Price Can $14.99 plus taxes.

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