Foss Dry Stone Maintenance

Thank you for purchasing the “Foss Dry Sharpening Stone”. In order to keep your stone in tip-top condition, please follow this simple procedure.



Things you need:

When you find your stone is starting to clog up and is not sharpening as easily, it's probably time to clean it. Sprinkle about a tablespoon full of Silicone Carbide Grit onto the glass surface.

Starting with the Rough Side of the stone, grind in a circular motion constantly moving the Grit back into place. This is quite a noisy job so this should not be done in the Kitchen on your Mum's/Wife's new Kitchen top.

Keeping a fair bit of pressure on the Stone, keep grinding until the Rough Side is clean and resembles a new stone, run your finger across it to make sure it's rough from one side to the other. When you have done the rough side, turn the Stone over and do the smooth side in exactly the same way.

Depending on how bad your stone was, depends on whether you can use the same Grit. If you look at the Grit closely, you will see it also breaks down into smaller particles. As these get smaller, they won't clean your stone as easily, this is when you need to discard the old Grit/Powder and put fresh Grit on the Glass. I always have an old Paintbrush handy to clean the Glass with.

When you have done both sides put the Stone under a Water Tap and use a stiff Scrubbing Brush. Give the Stone a good scrub to get all the powder out. I normally put the Stone on top of the Furnace overnight to make sure it's dry before I use it again.

If you follow this simple procedure regularly, your Stone will last for Years. My first Foss Stone is approaching 12 years old and is still in “New Condition”